Who We Are

We are a team of social entrepreneurs who live in Scotland and work throughout the UK.

Our backgrounds in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health inspired us to bring together our skills to build a not for profit company that works for the benefit of society to improve health and wellbeing.

We work with an external team of advisors who we call our mastermind group from an incredible range of backgrounds to advise us and offer a kind word or a tough steer in the right direction for the projects and programmes that we undertake. We are very grateful for their support and will be publishing a full list of our advisors on our website soon. So please keep in touch.

Our aim is to play a key role in contributing towards an improved level of health and wellbeing for Scotland and the UK population. We will achieve this through delivering a range of projects and campaigns with our partners. We also aim to help improve the healthy life expectancy of our citizens, which could make a significant contribution to the national economy.

Our social aim is to re-invest all our profits directly into the local communities and those charities and agencies that work with us to improve wellbeing. The funds for our re-investment activities are solely generated from our business activities.

Our mission

Millions of people every year in the UK are unable to live their lives to their full potential either due to mental or physical ill health .Our mission is to influence individuals and communities to enjoy an increase in their healthy life expectancy through the projects ,programmes and campaigns we undertake.

Scotpho definition: life expectancy (LE) is an estimate of how many years a person might be expected to live, healthy life expectancy (HLE) is an estimate of how many years they might live in a 'healthy' state. HLE is a key summary measure of a population's health.

Our Values

Working Together - We seek to build partnerships that are successful and interdependent pursuing shared goals.

Professionalism - we have the credibility and drive to exceed expectations.

Integrity - we approach our work with openness and respect keeping our hearts and minds open and receptive.

Innovation - we constantly do the right thing, providing innovative solutions to our clients.

Determination - we are determined to make a difference and help improve health and wellbeing in Scotland and the UK through our projects and campaigns.

What is Social Enterprise?

As a social enterprise you will find us redistributing all of our profits back into the community and to those agencies that work with us as we strive to make a difference to improve health and wellbeing. This way society profits.

Find out more about Social Enterprises

What are Social Entrepreneurs?

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.

Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, social entrepreneurs find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution, and persuading entire societies to take new leaps.

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