What We Do

The Wellbeing Alliance draws on our team and external advisors vast experience in all things to do with business, health and equality to provide a range of services for organisations, including consultancy.

We design and co design projects, programmes and campaigns that investigate and assess health, wellbeing and equality issues .Our strategy of researching and addressing the full range of factors that impact on health, including the socio-economic determinants of health, means we have experience of a vast range of programmes and policies in the areas of health, as well as experience of policy analysis, advocacy and campaigning.

All profits we make from consultancy services are ploughed back into the communities and agencies we work with to improve health and wellbeing. We believe that everyone should have an equal chance at good health, and we enjoy working with other organisations that believe this too.

If you face a challenge of some kind, be it strategic, technical or logistical, speak to us about it – we may be able to help. Contact info@thewellbeingalliance.com

We can help with:

  • Policy and Research
  • Project Development
  • Programme  and Organisational Development

For all enquiries please email us at info@thewellbeingalliance.com

How it works

To make the greatest impact that we can, we offer two engagement options for our clients but we are always open to discussing new and innovative ways to work together.

Commercial and Third Sector Projects, Programmes and Campaigns

This is the primary means by which we are funded and our social aims delivered . In a limited number of cases, we are able to offer discounts below our commercial rates.

Pro Bono

Assistance is offered each year to a select number of worthy organisations with promising ideas to improve health and wellbeing whilst promoting equality.

Our team are members of various health steering groups and regularly work closely with third sector and commercial organisations . If you would like to invite one our team to be a part of your health and wellbeing steering group please contact us now.

What is Social Enterprise?

As a social enterprise you will find us redistributing all of our profits back into the community and to those agencies that work with us as we strive to make a difference to improve health and wellbeing. This way society profits.

Find out more about Social Enterprises

Support Us

As an independent not for profit organisation which means we don’t accept grants or funds from Government and so we need your support to make our work possible and to maintain our independent voice.

Contact us to see how you can help

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