An asset approach to community wellbeing - glass half full

'A Glass Half-full' offers a fresh perspective on how to reduce inequalities in community health and wellbeing. It proposes assessing and building on the strengths and resources in a community to increase resilience and social capital, and develop better ways of delivering health outcomes.

Mounting evidence shows that when practitioners begin with what communities have - their assets - as opposed to what they don't have - their needs - a community's ability to address those needs increases. So too does its capacity to lever in external assistance.

This publication offers local authorities, health practitioners and politicians an introduction to the asset model approach and principles and gives examples of how it is being used in England. It also outlines a set of coherent and structured tools that put asset model principles into practice. 

To find out about the asset model approach in full see:

A Glass Half-full - How an asset approach can improve community health and wellbeing (PDF, 32 pages, 578KB)

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