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Word CloudThe Wellbeing Alliance are an independent not for profit social enterprise promoting health and equality.  We are a team of Healthcare  professionals and public health trained social entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.

At the Wellbeing Alliance we are firm believers in the power of working collaboratively in an Alliance. This belief is intrinsic to our mission as a company, and the reason we strive every day to improve people’s wellbeing taking a friendly, holistic, strategic approach.

Both our clients and ourselves believe that we play a vital role in the provision of innovative and highly effective projects and programmes that support individuals, third sector, industry, communities and nations to improve their health and sense of wellbeing.

As a social enterprise you will find us redistributing all of our profits back into the community and to those agencies that work with us as we strive to make a difference to improve health and wellbeing. This way society profits.

We are interested to hear of any projects or plans you would like to work with us on that will make a real difference. So talk to us and work with us and see society profit.

What does wellbeing mean?

Depositphotos 3600951 xs‘Wellbeing’  refers to ‘feeling good’ and ‘functioning well’ - both physically and emotionally, and the New Economics Foundation has conducted research to suggest five simple ways to improve wellbeing in everyday life.  If people integrate these 5 ways into daily habits to improve their health and wellbeing they can expect to increase their life expectancy by up to 7½ years and significantly improve their emotional health.


5 Ways to Improve Heath and Wellbeing

  1. Connect
  2. Be active
  3. Take notice
  4. Keep learning
  5. Give

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